Strategy in Chaotic Times

  1. Renew your business purpose (we call it Massive Transformational Purpose ). People need a sense of direction. Why are we here? What are we trying to do? What should I be doing to help? The message: Even amid this chaos, we have important work to do.
  2. Set three to five relatively short-term goals — things to accomplish in three to six months. (The timeline depends on the kind of business or organization you have.) Make sure the outcomes are measurable. And have every unit and individual set their own goals in alignment with the organizational goals. Here are the goals we are shooting at. Make sure your goals align with these
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Make sure everyone understands the goals and their role in their accomplishments. Have short regular morning huddles, and weekly meetings to track progress and make adjustments. To many leaders this may seem like overkill — too many meetings, but evidence shows that repetition is necessary to get results.
  4. Set up a strategic searchlight team — a team designated to continually scan the market and external situation and provide feedback to the organization.
  5. Have a regular monthly strategy meeting to discuss market indicators and other strategic issues. Use this to make adjustments, evaluate progress, and start or stop initiatives.
  6. Make sure your organization structure is up to the task. Turmoil demands agile organizations. Teams need to adjust rapidly to changing business opportunities or challenges. This, of course, requires a rapid reassessment of goals and team direction. It calls for inspired, decisive leadership.



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Grant Tate is an author, thought leader, confidential advisor, and idea explorer in Charlottesville, VA. His latest book is “Hand on the Shoulder.”